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Apply for LA’s Speed Hump Program

Apply on September 22 to be one of 30 applicants in our Council District to get speed humps.
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Partnering to Reduce Truck Traffic on Residential Streets

The Public Works and Transportation Committee recently received a concern about truck traffic behind Food 4 Less and provided guidance on effective tactics to reduce the problem.
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Traffic Flow on Vanowen and Victory

The Public Works and Transportation Committee is seeking your input on Vanowen and Victory. Please email us your concerns and suggestions.
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September is Civic Engagement Month

Civic Engagement is about getting involved in your community. There are lots of ways for you to get involved from coming to a meeting to volunteering on the Grand Jury. Join us at our next meeting to learn more.
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Become a WNC Board Member!

Do you want to make a difference in Winnetka? We have several Board Member vacancies and we are seeking energetic community members with a vision for Winnetka. Please send us an email expressig interest and come to our next Board Meeting:
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