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For Sale

Winnetka Neighborhood Council Moves To Clean Up For Sale By Owner Car Blight

The WNC voted to support regulating cars for sale by owner on specific streets in Winnetka and to require new construction to include grey water systems.
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NPG Funds

Neighborhood Purposes Grants

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council periodically receives requests from organizations in Winnetka for support in exchange for outreach opportunities. Find out more about the rules and how to request these limited funds.
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Crosswalks & Coyotes: WNC Discusses Public Safety & Beautification

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council discussed stakeholder concerns about homeless encampments during the August 2015 meeting. Residents are concerned about homeless people living along the western edge of the Winnetka Park as well as under the playground equipment.
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2 New Members join our Board

The July 2015 meeting was VERY lively. After hearing from seven interested candidates, two were elected by the Board to fill positions that had become vacant. The new "At Large" members are Carlos Perez, and Craig Ruggless.
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WNC Blood Drive A Success

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council sponsored its first Blod Drive with the Red Cross July 1 and it was a great success. We had 16 units (pints) donated and had a total of 18 donors.
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20600 Roscoe

WNC Supports Ashton for 20600 Roscoe

WNC PLUM & Board reviewed plans for 20600 Roscoe and supported the revised plan for 70 single family homes taking into consideration needed solar, permeable pavement, and others.
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